WooCommerce Market Place Admin Panel

If any user wants to woo-commerce Market place admin panel service then the user visits the correct place. We provide a Woocommerce market place admin panel service support. It is a type of multi-vendor market palace for woocommerce. Any wordpress website can be converted into a woocommerce store or a multi-vendor marketplace. Admin can separate seller production, collection, profile, and also do complete order management. Our developer working over this platform for a decay. All type of glitches and issue has been resolved by our technical developer in a very short period.

What are the best platforms to build a market place?

It can be measure on serval parameters, but according to us these are the very helpful and basic parameters that users must know about them and we also provide these parameters in our services.

Standlone Saas


These are the basic platform where the user needs to create or design there a product of market place. These all are the core market place. Now the user must know on which CRM portal need to create or build their vendor website. These platforms such as.

Magento 2
The highlighted feature that has been provided for WooCommerce Market Place Admin Panel

Our organisation provide service support over these areas which are given below. These are also highlighted features user must be required most of the time.

  • Supported for all types of product- admin can customize complete panel for and add all types of product according to their requirements.
  • Seller Management- From the admin panel that has been provided by us from that panel users can manage all their seller customers.
  • Seller Oder Management- admin can view complete billing details of customers and manage according to their needs.
  • Flexible Commission Management- Admin can set complete commission for management according to their commission percentage.
  • Separate seller profile- User can create each separate seller profile. These profiles can be managed by the seller. In these profiles, the B2B marketplace feature is to be added.
  • Review management- All customer can provide review and send their valuable feedback after buying the product.
  • Ask a question to Admin- If there will be aunty query or suggestion regarding the organization of the ecommerce platform then the user must leave a question over there.
  • Oder management- Admin and seller can view order detail so the customer.
Which types of products supported in the Woocommerce market Place admin panel?

In the woocommerce market palace, admin panel user can create there own dashboard or wordpress website can be converted into ecommerce or online store. All things are in the hand of the admin that admin can change the permission to the seller regarding the product.

WooCommerce Simple Product type
WooCommerce Grouped Product type
WooCommerce External/Affiliate Product type
WooCommerce Variable Product type
WooCommerce Downloadable Product type

This all about WooCommerce Market Place Admin Panel. We provide a trustable and authentic service on this platform. All issue or glitch can be removed by or technical expert after taking our support plan.


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